Lima 704 Program EQ

The Lima 704 Program EQ is a stepped-control, two-band equalizer in the Baxandall design. Rotary switches providing boost/cut in precise steps created with 0.1% resistors. Five HF frequency choices are provided and four LF frequencies. Additionally a five-position HPF is included.

The 704 will be built in matched pairs indicated by consecutive odd/even serial numbers. EQ circuit capacitors are hand-matched to within 1%.

A single-slot 500-series product, the 704 is fully balanced with Lundahl transformers and uses high-speed, precision operational amplifiers.

The Lima 704 EQ can be purchased as a kit for DIY enthusiasts.
Take a look at the 704 Kit Instructions as well as the schematic.



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The Lima 704 has been approved by the VPR Alliance.


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